A love story with an age gap is no longer the norm.
However, that didn’t stop Aisha from seeing something special in younger guy Kai.
During class time, she would write his name at the back of her books.
Impatiently looking at her watch, waiting for her lunch break so she could be with him.
Which was weird considering the fact that they lived just an estate apart.
One afternoon evening, Aisha met Kristina, who was Kai’s sister.
A girly conversations later, Aisha got Kai’s number from her and called him that evening.
The two hardly slept that night. Talking way past midnight.
Their bond carved out of friendship and then pure attraction, unbreakable.
Three years flew by quickly. He grew fond of her, too fond of Aisha.
And his time in the country was limited. He couldn’t sum up the courage to ask her out.
He devised an ingenious plan to tell her what he felt for her. He decided to buy a new sim.
With this new number, he would admit all his feelings to her. He dialed her number.
As the phone rang, he began to recite the poem he had written for her.

“I ask myself each and every morning…
Will another day go by without me expressing my feelings…
Cause she has me feeling blue on a Monday…
All the way up to a Friday…
And all i ever think about is you…
Baby girl you’re so amazing, you got me dreaming…
At the sound of your voice I’ll be jumping…
You got me so high, I’ll be flying through the ceiling…
Girl you’re so magical, You got me moving mountains Impossible…
And so keeping it to myself is illogical…
Girl I’ve got to let you know…”

The line went dead and he dialed again. She answered and he went numb.
He was stunned. What was he thinking. She would easily recognize his voice.
He quickly squeezed his nose and proceeded to utter some words.

“Hello, how you doing?” Kai spoke with his hands still clutching his nose.
“Who is this?” Aisha inquired.
“I like you, I’ve liked you for a long time”, Kai stammered a bit as he was losing his breath.
Aisha responded, “Hello, Kai i know its you. Let’s just talk like we have for the past 3 years.”
“NO!!! Its not Kai”, and he hung up. She tried calling him 5 times. He was terrified.
He removed the sim and put his old number. She began calling this one.
30 unanswered calls later, she started texting. Leaving a total of 20 that solemn evening.
Aisha called Kristina to bridge the gradually growing gap between the two, which proved unsuccessful.
From calling him 20 times a day, down to 5 then she completely stopped.
The two used the same nearby grocery store. Kai tried his best to avoid Aisha.
Occasionally, like somethings are just meant to be, they would leave for the store around about the same time.
The moment he saw her, he would rush back indoors. Aisha was not to be out smarted though.
She saw over her fence, Kai heading to the store. She made sure he arrived and had nowhere to run to.
Aisha raced out and calmly walked in to the store. She said hi and barely heard him reply.
Kai had frozen. He shook visibly and she saw how uncomfortable he was.
She had a quick chat with the shop owner and was about to leave.
Aisha looked into Kai’s eyes.
She saw he had broken his own heart, as she tried to assemble her own. She shortly departed.
He left the country later that week. Nine years later today, he hasn’t heard from Aisha since.
He still carries the scar as time doesn’t heal all wounds…


The End!!!