17:21 episode 5


Everything felt normal. The air was clear, the sun bright. Michael looked at his wrist watch, the time read 17:21 hrs. Instantaneously, E’ness walked in, half startling him.
“Babe…you are…how are… what is….” He exclaimed, happy and a little confused. He rushed to her. She had a chocolate bar in one hand so she embraced him with the other.
“I thought I had lost you.” He felt her get closer, embrace him more. After a moment, she withdrew and caught him staring at her. She drew out the chocolate bar, trying to draw his attention.
He grabbed the bar out of her hand and hugged her. His left hand was examining the very little exposed skin not covered by her white vest. His right hand was unwillingly still holding the chocolate bar.
His left hand then reunited with his right, unwrapping the chocolate bar. Michael inserted the bar into her shorts, with the exposed chocolate part touching her back. He then helped her remove her vest. This was the first time he was seeing her like this. He was taken aback a bit. The setting sun rays flew past him and landed on her already glowing skin. She was worth her weight in gold and now her skin looked golden to match. He removed the chocolate bar from her shorts and handed it to her. He swiftly rushed behind her. She then felt his tongue around the place the chocolate bar
had been. He licked with the tip of his tongue and then sucked her skin. She now had goose bumps.
Her clear smooth soft skin returned as she paced herself. She was more focused on controlling her breath that she didn’t see him facing her. Staring at her. She felt shy. She crossed her chest with her hands, trying to cover up. Michael grabbed her hands, forced them down and got the chocolate bar. She liked this manliness edge of his. The shy look was still on her face. She was biting the corner of her lower lip. He drew closer to her and whispered in her ear.
“Suck it.” He motioned down….pointing at the chocolate bar. He slowly raised it to her mouth.
She was about to lick it then he moved back. He was teasing her. She liked being teased.
He knew her so well. The chocolate bar was in reach again. Quickly she tried using her hands.
“No hands, just your mouth,” he spoke. She hastily mouthed the bar and she heard him whisper.
“Slowly…” She licked and sucked the tip of the chocolate bar. Michael then rubbed the whole surface of the bar on her tongue. He then eased it out of her mouth, slowly. He got the dripping wet side of the chocolate and rubbed it on her chest, carving a path between her breasts.
The chocolate was starting to dry and become one with E’ness. He rubbed the chocolate bar from just below her neck, leaving a trail of chocolate down her chest until it became dry. With his tongue, he licked where the chocolate bar had been. E’ness couldn’t keep her eyes open for this.
She was lost in this world of pleasure, ecstasy and everything between. Michael had licked all the chocolate off her silky skin but she still tasted like chocolate. He faced her again and looked straight into her beaming vibrant eyes. He then took the chocolate bar, cut off a piece and dropped the rest on the floor. He made her lick the chocolate piece thoroughly with the tip of her tongue. He then put it in his mouth. He chewed slowly until most of the chocolate bar was liquid. He then grabbed her and kissed her lips. Whoever said magic wasn’t real? Well this was what it felt like. What it tasted like. She tasted his tongue and then the chocolate liquid. Then the remaining chocolate solid melted between them. This moment was indescribable, the feeling incomprehensible. He withdrew from the kiss and a little chocolate dripped off his lower lip. She quickly rushed back and licked it off. He embraced her again. She meant the world to him. She then uttered.
“Don’t ever let me out of your arms.” His heart sunk. He felt sick to his stomach. A sense of realization hit him. This all felt wrong. It was too good to be true. He looked at his hand, which was wrapped around her, and looked at the time. The second hand was ticking. But the time still read 17:21 hrs. He pushed her out of his arms.
She had an empty look on her face. She started fading away. All this was a mirage. He suddenly woke up from his slumber and there she was, in his arms. His face hard with tears that had dried on his face. E’ness was already gone. His hands still clutching on to her as he felt the pain from his knees.
The time read just before 19:00 hrs on the wall clock. He had been kneeling there all along. The trauma and shock of it all had drove him to sleep. The memories came flooding back. How he had found her dead, laying there peacefully but in an uncomfortable position. He tried to get off his knees, then he saw her phone drop out of her back pocket, the same place he had put the chocolate bar in his dream.
He looked at her phone. E’ness had sent him a message. The message read.
“Don’t ever let me out of your arms”. The message was sent at 17:21 hrs.



17:21 episode 4


At first Michael didn’t know how E’ness would react. She had been through alot in the last few days.
That wasn’t going to deter him. Her life had already drastically changed. He had to do something to distract her fragile mind. As she sat on the couch, she noticed him come closer.
He suddenly grabbed her and forced her against him. A smile swept her face and he continued.
Slowly adjusted her top, exposing her shoulders. She dropped her shoulders and the top went tumbling down. He kissed the dip just below her neck region. She shattered with desire as her young body melted into his. Her excitement built steadily as his every touch lit her skin with a desire, a passion, a fire. The fire raged and swept all of her body. Her body shook and her heart burst with anticipation. He momentarily stopped. Took a walk around her. He couldn’t believe his eyes.
Her clear skin, her incredible hair, the way it graced most of her back. The black shorts she was wearing, wow.
Her eyes had been monitoring him. He was facing her again. His left finger was on her cheek.
She put it in her mouth. He wasn’t bothered. He got his right finger and caressed her face like an artist carefully goes over his painting. Paying attention to every detail. She was about to push his finger out, then he took control. He rubbed the edge of her tongue from one side to the other, and rubbed the tip of her tongue last. He dropped to his knees. He stared at her body, her skin.
It was soft with a golden glow induced from the setting sun. He unbuttoned her shorts and began to slowly slide them down. Until he noticed her long amazing legs. He quickly pulled her shorts back up.
E’ness was a little confused. His hands began to canvas her thighs. She didn’t know what he saw in them.
Quite frankly, he was in awe of her beauty. He was speechless so he let his hands do the talking.
He rubbed her thighs to her knees. Each stroke building her heart rate. She was heading towards breaking point.
“What was she going to do? Let him continue or regain control of the situation. She wasn’t going to second guess anymore”, E’ness thought to herself. She pulled him from his knees and tried kissing him. He backed away.
She tried again, again he backed away. She was finding this extremely pleasing. She wanted him so bad.
He was so close yet so far away. She wasn’t going to give up that easily. She moved closer. This time, he didn’t budge. A part of her wanted to try again. A part of her also wanted him to chase her for a kiss this time.
He edged closer, her heart jumped. Is this what she really wanted? He leaned his head forward. She made up her mind to move away. But her body was having none of it. Her feet stood firm. Her body said yes, her will said yes, her mind said no but that really meant yes. He leaned forwards and with his tongue licked the inside skin of her lips. She felt like she was on fire, an nice itchy feeling swept her lips.
The time struck 17:21 and all her emotions went off. The time of her accident had struck. He had got so carried away that he forgot. She suddenly felt empty, almost lifeless. The memories of the last 24 hrs went up in smoke. She stood there motionless. Lost in the moment, in this cloud, in the darkness that slowly swallowed her. The look of a person lost appeared on her face. Michael stood there. Overwhelmed. He pondered what to do. It’s like when you know the inevitability of something, you know it’s definitely going to happen but when it happens, it still shakes you down to your core.
He embraced her as she stood in a state of confusion.

17:21 episode 3


He stood at the door for a good ten minutes. Pondering whether to go in or not.
What was he going to say if he went in? A further 5 minutes flew by and he pushed
the door open slightly. She was awake, staring into space. Her moved her head right
and saw him. Something that looked like a smile graced his face. She was still in pain
as the smile turned into a groan and her facial expression changed.
“How…..long….have you….been standing at the door?” She uttered while stammering.
“Not for long babe. How you holding up?” He retorted.
“I’ve been better. Have you seen the doctor?” She pressed on.
“She….” Michael tried to speak before E’ness cut him short.
“She? Where you staring at her. You better not. I’m still the one for you” He chuckled.
At this point, the pain returning and she was feeling exhausted.
“She….The doctor said you will be discharged tomorrow evening.” What was he thinking?
He should have saved the good news for last. He had panicked after seeing the look of
pity on her face. The rest of the news already sickened him. He couldn’t bare to see
such a look on her face. The doctor walked in and he breathed a sigh of relief.
Doctor Saliya sensed a little hostility from E’ness.
“Your princess is doing fine Mr. Michael”, she turned to E’ness and spoke.
“He kept calling you princess earlier.” Suddenly the tension had disappeared and E’ness smiled.
Doctor Saliya looked at both of them and gave a diagnosis of E’ness’ condition.
“You suffered damage to some internal organs. You also suffered a fatal strike to the head. You have daily amnesia, meaning you will forget everything after 24 hrs” The doctor tried to sound as humanly as possible. E’ness turned to Michael and spoke.
“I’ll never forget you”, with tears in her eyes. She noticed a tear falling down his cheek.
He never cried. She looked closely and saw a tear had dried on his other cheek.
She quickly realized the doctor had told him about her condition. Her first instinct
was to shout at him for not telling her. Then it dawned to her that he would never
say anything that would hurt her. A vague smile swept her face and she turned to the doctor.
“You have 3 days left to live…..I’m sorry”. Even the doctor couldn’t hod it in at this point.
She went out sobbing. She walked out and held on to the door because she had lost all her strength. E’ness couldn’t control herself at this point. She wished she would forget this nightmare…..and she could. Waiting for the 24 hrs was going to be even more painful.
“You should rest babe. We going home tomorrow”, Michael broke the silence. He leaned over her and kissed her forehead. He felt her breathing ease, her heartbeat ease and a calmness ensued. She began dozing and he was glad that she was a fast sleeper.

17:21 episode 2


He arrived at the hospital half an hour later. Almost barging in, he looked around and he got a sickening feeling. The kind that you get when you enter a health facility. He swiftly rushed to the reception and questioned the lady at the desk.
“Nurse, Nurse!” Cynthia shouted after half acknowledging what he said.
“This is Mr. Michael, he’s here for the lady that came in earlier today.” She turned to him and uttered.
“This is nurse Almax, she will lead you to the ward”.
He half turned slowly, at the same time, Almax removed her face mask, slowly and their eyes met.
“Hi, this way please” She ordered, turned and walked away swiftly. Within those few seconds, he had seen enough. She looked like the perfect blend of chocolate. Her skin just short of perfect. Silky, smooth with a touch of elegance. She had the kind of face your hands wouldn’t want to leave.
“Sir, can you please go”,Cynthia spoke. The voice of the receptionist half startled him. Within a few seconds, the nurse had lost him. Not in direction, she was still a few hundred metres away. But in his mind, in his heart, the whole of his anatomy, she was gone. Michael noticed Almax remove her gloves and dispose them off in a bin as he tried to keep up. Her hands looked slender, the kind that a good cook possesses.

“This is doctor Saliya, she will give you details about what happened. It was nice meeting you” and she disappeared after a corner.
“Welcome, you are here for E’ness right” she spoke as his concentration faded out till he was alone, without another voice. He was staring at Saliya. She had the most gorgeous smile he had seen for a while now. She had the prettiest set of eyes he had seen this year too.
“They sparkled and lit up everywhere she went”, he thought to himself. She looked humble, classy and simple. He was still in awe of her eyes. She bent her head and he saw her dimples pop. What a sight, what a sight this was. What a sight she was. She put on her glasses and she looked even more stunning. Alas, he was out of his daydream. He shrugged it off and softly uttered,
“She’s no E’ness”
“Pardon me”, Saliya said.

“I’m sorry its been a rough day, can you please repeat what you just said”, Michael retorted.
“I understand. She suffered a gruelling accident. The taxi she was in was hit from the side. The momentum caused her to hit her head quite hard and she suffered severe internal injuries to major organs.
“What are you saying Doctor” He could barely speak at this point.
“She’s got a condition called Daily Amnesia. Meaning her memory is intact till the day of the accident. But after that, she will forget anything that happens when the clock hits the time of the accident. And her memory will always go back to just before the accident.” Saliya saw a tear step out of his right eye. He got up and quickly opened the door.
“She has 3 days left to live, I’m so sorry”. Michael had half turned and so she couldn’t see his face. She looked at the door which had a glass in the middle. She just managed to see that tear slide down his face and he shut the door behind him.

17:21 episode 1


There he sat. A little uneasy. He had arrived half an hour ago and she was no where in sight.
He took out his phone and went straight for the gallery. A sense of calmness swept him
and he was at ease again. He tried not to worry, knowing for a fact that she was always
fashionably late. He stared at her photos with a hunger, thirst, craving to see her.
Each photo better than the last. She had an aura about her that he simply couldn’t resist.
She had long hair; smooth and elegant, that just managed to fall off her shoulders.
Rarely gave a smile, but it was incredible each time. At this point, he was losing his mind.
She was the kind of person that would stand out no matter where she was. Black was her
favorite color, which was his too. And they both shared the same birthday. The phone rang and half-startled him.
“Hello….Michael!”, the voice echoed as his heart started pacing itself. The voice went on to say.
“E’ness is in the hospital, she was in an accident”. He felt his heart fall out of his hands and his eyes pictured his heart breaking into a thousand pieces on the ground.
“I’m sorry”, and the line went dead. He half came to his senses and realized the glass he had in his hands was on the floor in multiple broken pieces. He quickly rushed out of the restaurant and disappeared into the sunset.


Arsene is finally paying the price for building a great squad.
Its 7 games in the season so far and all 3 of our strikers are still out of the team.
Arsenal lie in 3rd place despite a dismal start to the season.
One has to look at the starting line up to marvel at the squad.
Alex Iwobi keeps his place on the left wing after ending last season in fine form.
Twenty years in the job and probably desperate for major honors but he still keeps faith in his youth.
A rejuvenized walcott showing signs of maturity,
keeps an inconsistent Oxlade-Chamberlain, who is great on his day, out of the squad.
The world’s best midfielder is yet to register an assist.
Bellerin, the best young fullback in the world has Barca knocking.
Monreal grows from strength to strength.
Koshielny, the best CB in England and Mustafi, a worthy partner.
Santi’s position change is a revelation to this day.
Since beating Man City at the Etihad, Arsene uncovered the gem that is Cazorla.
Coqulein has been brilliant so far.
He keeps out Granit Xhaka who comes in with a tremendous pedigree.
Petr Cech, world class keeper and leader, still feels like a dream that we have him.
David Ospina, an able back up.
Keiran Gibbs is a good LB, gives his all when he comes on.
Used to struggle defensively at times as he was a winger before being converted.
A world cup winner in Metersacker on the bench, something some great players cant call themselves.
Gabriel is decent as well. shows passion and never shys from a tackle.
Danny Welbeck is a decent striker, lots of pace and shows heart for the club.
Lucas Perez might be new but am excited to see what he can do.
Olivier Giroud, our best striker.
All those who say he isn’t gud enough should remember the Norwich goal.
And we have Jack Wilshere on loan.
Aaron Ramsey, one of my favorites is currently injured but where does he fit in?
Elneny has got the legs and great passing on him.
Joel Campbell is out on loan and Jon Toral is one i really like.
So what does Wenger do?
Over time,he’s built a squad capable of anything.
A squad great managers envy.
Great managers gamble on by spending millions which eventually sends there club backwards…
A squad to give you a headache over.
Am curious to see what side he chooses next.
He has got a lot of criticism recently.
But he has showed everyone how to build a squad the right way.
with a balance of youth and superstars, hunger and drive.

Written On: 8th October 2016




A love story with an age gap is no longer the norm.
However, that didn’t stop Aisha from seeing something special in younger guy Kai.
During class time, she would write his name at the back of her books.
Impatiently looking at her watch, waiting for her lunch break so she could be with him.
Which was weird considering the fact that they lived just an estate apart.
One afternoon evening, Aisha met Kristina, who was Kai’s sister.
A girly conversations later, Aisha got Kai’s number from her and called him that evening.
The two hardly slept that night. Talking way past midnight.
Their bond carved out of friendship and then pure attraction, unbreakable.
Three years flew by quickly. He grew fond of her, too fond of Aisha.
And his time in the country was limited. He couldn’t sum up the courage to ask her out.
He devised an ingenious plan to tell her what he felt for her. He decided to buy a new sim.
With this new number, he would admit all his feelings to her. He dialed her number.
As the phone rang, he began to recite the poem he had written for her.

“I ask myself each and every morning…
Will another day go by without me expressing my feelings…
Cause she has me feeling blue on a Monday…
All the way up to a Friday…
And all i ever think about is you…
Baby girl you’re so amazing, you got me dreaming…
At the sound of your voice I’ll be jumping…
You got me so high, I’ll be flying through the ceiling…
Girl you’re so magical, You got me moving mountains Impossible…
And so keeping it to myself is illogical…
Girl I’ve got to let you know…”

The line went dead and he dialed again. She answered and he went numb.
He was stunned. What was he thinking. She would easily recognize his voice.
He quickly squeezed his nose and proceeded to utter some words.

“Hello, how you doing?” Kai spoke with his hands still clutching his nose.
“Who is this?” Aisha inquired.
“I like you, I’ve liked you for a long time”, Kai stammered a bit as he was losing his breath.
Aisha responded, “Hello, Kai i know its you. Let’s just talk like we have for the past 3 years.”
“NO!!! Its not Kai”, and he hung up. She tried calling him 5 times. He was terrified.
He removed the sim and put his old number. She began calling this one.
30 unanswered calls later, she started texting. Leaving a total of 20 that solemn evening.
Aisha called Kristina to bridge the gradually growing gap between the two, which proved unsuccessful.
From calling him 20 times a day, down to 5 then she completely stopped.
The two used the same nearby grocery store. Kai tried his best to avoid Aisha.
Occasionally, like somethings are just meant to be, they would leave for the store around about the same time.
The moment he saw her, he would rush back indoors. Aisha was not to be out smarted though.
She saw over her fence, Kai heading to the store. She made sure he arrived and had nowhere to run to.
Aisha raced out and calmly walked in to the store. She said hi and barely heard him reply.
Kai had frozen. He shook visibly and she saw how uncomfortable he was.
She had a quick chat with the shop owner and was about to leave.
Aisha looked into Kai’s eyes.
She saw he had broken his own heart, as she tried to assemble her own. She shortly departed.
He left the country later that week. Nine years later today, he hasn’t heard from Aisha since.
He still carries the scar as time doesn’t heal all wounds…


The End!!!